Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drinking Whisky in Seattle

Over the holidays I returned home to Seattle to visit my parents. During those weekends I've found myself with some time in the evenings and decided to find a good place to get some scotch. As luck would have it, St. Andrews Bar and Grill is within walking distance of home and has one of the widest selections of scotch whisky I've ever seen.

To top off how great this place is for trying scotch, the pours are astoundingly healthy, probably as much as 2.5 oz, and priced the same as you would pay to get a standard 1.5 oz pour anywhere else. So you'll get more than enough to savor and discover the flavors and smells within each dram without it costing an arm and a leg. The staff were knowledgable and gave me good recommendations for what to try within a given style.

The ambiance is that of a fairly standard sports bar or local pub. There are numerous TV screens showing a variety of different games at any given time, but thankfully the volume wasn't too loud so it's reasonably easy to tune them out. Even on a Friday or Saturday evening, it wasn't too crowded and I never had trouble getting service. They have a decent selection of good beer, though their cocktails looked to be pretty standard fare (I don't trust anything with neon sour mix).

Overall, I'd say that it's a great resource for anyone interested in scotch. The selection is vast, the pours are generous and the prices are quite reasonable.

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