Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Year of Booze-Blogging

Following the traditions of some of my betters, I wanted to look back at what I've learned in the year since I started this blog.

• It's really fun to write about something I enjoy so much and share it with the rest of the world
• I am constantly amazed by the awesomeness of other cocktail, liquor and booze bloggers. Seriously, if you enjoy this stuff at all, go read through the links on the left hand column. Just about everything I know comes from reading their delightful prose.
• While I started this journey with a strong appreciation for gin and tequila and a nascent interest in rum, tiki drinks have slowly encouraged me to build a love for brandy and whisk(e)y. Plus, you know, more rum. Everything has its place, even if you have to play around a bit to find it.
Making good drinks for other people is incredibly satisfying.
• While I have yet to join the garnish crowd, some of them are really, really pretty.
• I really enjoy making my own ingredients. Some of my own devising, others from reputable sources.
• While I tend to make my own drinks at home rather than going out, there are some really excellent places in Portland for a good tipple.
•Getting readers requires putting yourself out there, both through commenting on other blogs and any other available channels (thanks, Horde!).
There is politics, even in the world of cocktails.
•The Northwest is full of excellent distilleries, both old and new.

Overall I just wanted to thank everyone who has read this blog over the last year. Here's to many more tasty drinks and useful posts.

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  1. Getting to that first anniversary is a big thing. Especially getting there while producing good content the whole way! Congratulations.

    No one joins the garnish crowd after only a year unless they come in as a member. It sneaks up on you slowly. To illustrate, read the last paragraph of this post: Puka Punch....