Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Chocolate Spiced Rum

Much like Doug, I'm not usually a big fan of hot alcoholic drinks. They're pretty much always either cold and alcoholic or hot and non-alcoholic. Neither the 'twain shall meet. Or something like that. But this for this week's Mixology Monday prompt, those two things are the only requirement. So I decided to try something that seemed like a logical pairing, but hadn't been put together before. That is, hot chocolate and the chocolate spiced rum I have sitting on my shelf. Pretty simple, but it was pretty tasty.

Hot Chocolate Spiced Rum
1 oz dark chocolate (TJ's Pound Plus Dark works well)
6 oz whole milk
1 oz chocolate spiced rum

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, add the milk and whisk the two together until reasonably warm and homogenous. Add spiced rum, give a quick stir and enjoy. A cinnamon stick might make a good garnish, but it's not strictly necessary.

Thanks to Nancy over at The Backyard Bartender for hosting this one.