Friday, November 22, 2019

Long Time, No See

Folks who follow me on Twitter may have caught me discussing the concussion I suffered in early July. While I initially thought that it was going to be a minor thing that I would bounce back from in a few days or a week, I was out of work for five weeks straight and worked part time for most of another month. Even after that, I had some lingering symptoms and reactivated a number of them about a month ago.

Through all of that, one common thread has been that alcohol was a bad idea. Even a sip was enough to provoke pressure in my head if not a full-blown headache. Given the long period of recovery and regular setbacks, I've been extremely wary about getting back into drinking regularly. Though I am still experiencing some post-concussion symptoms, alcohol no longer seems to be the immediate trigger that it was, so I have been cautiously dipping my toe back into the water.

Given the rather central place that drinking has had in my life, whether that's sipping a scotch for a review, mixing up a daiquiri on the weekend, or having an Americano while I cook, being forced to completely forego all of that for months has been a real experience. Especially at home where I have shelves and closets stuffed with bottles, knowing that even a little bit would cause me pain was a real emotional struggle. To be clear, I don't have any worries about alcoholism or physical dependence, it was the simple fact that I had to give up something that brings me a lot of joy on top of feeling lousy and not knowing when it might get better.

I'm not sure that constitutes a major epiphany, but I do feel like it spotlights the upsides of alcohol that go beyond its effects. In our current health-conscious world, much of the discussion around alcohol focuses on its downsides, whether physical or mental. But the enjoyment of a good drink can be one of the real pleasures in life that is practically impossible to replicate in any other way. Here's to many years of enjoyment, in moderation.


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    1. Thanks much. I think things are clearing up, so I'm hopefully that the experience is drawing to a close.

  2. While you were out, K&L got several Pellehaut armagnac. I want to pass on one you must try: the 1983. It's 100% Ugni Blanc, and it's at 47% ABV (not 48% as stated). I prefer Ugni Blanc (over Folle Blanc, which tends to dominate) for older vintage as it integrates well with a good Gascone oak barrel and builds subtle complexity. (This one was worth every penny.)

    My tip to reciprocate for your writing. :) If you love armagnac, the value of the century: 1998 Chateau de Vacquié. K&L has it at Insider's Advantage. Grab one. It's 100% Ugni Blanc but at younger drinks more like a Folle Blanc, fruitier, could have used an extra year to round out the top of the mid palate, but the little tarty-edgy on the mid-tongue gives it charisma and the hubris of youth (in a tasty way). I love distillate-driven whiskey.

  3. Head injuries are a real drag (as I know from personal experience). Glad you're back.