Thursday, July 5, 2012

Classic Cocktails: the Tahiti Typhoon

This is another drink from the Cocktail Database without a lot info about where it comes from. As suggested by Sylvan, that means it probably comes from Stan Jones' Complete Bar Guide. From whence it found its way into that book, no one knows. But no matter what, this is a fine example of the drinks to come out of that inestimable bartender's pen.

Tahiti Typhoon
1 oz gin
1 oz Cointreau
0.75 oz lime juice

Build over ice in a chilled rocks glass and top with sparkling wine.

The nose is dominated by the sparkling wine, with a hint of orange from the Cointreau. The sip is effervescent with crisp notes from the wine joined by juniper and lime, which are smoothed by the orange liqueur. The gin and Cointreau give the drink a slightly bitter finish. Overall this isn't the most complex drink ever, but it is an excellent summer cooler with enough punch to remain entertaining and light enough to be a good long drink.

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