Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Cocktail: After the Storm

Another cocktail made to finish off my bottle of Cockspur rum. If you're looking for an all-arounder rum in your drinks cabinet, Cockspur is a very good choice. Mild and with lots of vanilla, it ingratiates itself into almost any drink you use it with.

Turning things around, I went for something akin to a Port Light.

After the Storm
2 oz Barbados rum
0.75 oz lime juice
0.25 oz passionfruit syrup
0.25 oz raspberry syrup
0.25 oz vanilla syrup

Combine all ingredients, add a large handful of crushed ice, blend for five seconds, then pour unstrained into a chilled rocks glass.

This drink rides the edge between sweet and sour, with an almost slushy texture due to the blended ice. The rum and vanilla manage to punch their way through all of the ice on the nose. The sip begins with rum, then there is a burst of sour lime, passion fruit, and raspberry. The drink finishes on a smooth bed of vanilla, with just a bit of lingering sourness.

Overall a very pleasant drink and a nice send-off to one of the first bottles of rum I ever bought.

1 comment:

  1. Cockspur 5 Star is my absolute favorite "gold" rum, for whatever that can mean. For me, it straddles the fence of Jamaican funk and Virgin Island dryness with a fruitiness that no rums can match on that price point.

    I might put Cockspur on my top 5 rums.